Series D100

Dual DC Power Supply

The Series D100 power supplies are regulated, preset voltage sources, ideally suited for DC excited transducers, discrete and IC function modules. All components are encapsulated to provide reliable continuous operation to rated specifications in laboratory and factory environments. They are equipped with an on-off switch, line cord, binding post terminals, rubber feet and a #4-40 tapped hole located on the bottom side for permanent mounting. The hole is connected to earth ground via the power line cord ground terminal.

Dual voltage power supplies allow the user to choose the transducer excitation voltage; for example, Model D12.200 can be used to power a transducer with 12 VDC or 24 VDC. To excite the transducer with 12 VDC, connect the transducer +INPUT and –INPUT to the power supply +V and COM terminals, respectively (or to the power supply COM and –V terminals, respectively). To excite the transducer with 24 VDC, connect the transducer +INPUT and –INPUT to the power supply +V and –V terminals, respectively.

Key Features

  • Compatible with DC LVDTs and ADTs
  • Compact Package
  • High Regulation
  • Short Circuit Protected


INPUT 105 to 125 VAC, 50 to 400 Hz STORAGE TEMPERATURE -40°F to +185° (-40°C to +85°C)
OUTPUT VOLTAGE TOLERANCE ±1% (Fixed) TERMINATION Line Cord, 3-wire, 5 feet long, terminated in line plug with earth ground.
REGULATION Line 0.05% Max., Load 0.10% Max. OUTPUT TERMINALS 3-Binding Post, 6-Way
TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENT 0.02% /°C Typ Red – Positive Voltage
RIPPLE AND NOISE 1m VRMS Max. Black – Common
I/O ISOLATION 50 MegaOhms  Violet – Negative Voltage
OVERCURRENT PROTECTION Current Limiting: Either input to common or other output, indefinitely DIMENSIONS In. (mm) WxLxH 2.5 (64) x 4.45 (113) x 1.25 (32)
OPERATING TEMPERATURE -13°F to +160°F (-25°C to +71°C) APPROXIMATE WEIGHT 1.6 lbs.


MODEL NUMBER D12.200 D15.200
OUTPUT, VDC ±12 ±15
CURRENT, mA 200 200