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ADTs are used in a wide variety of applications. Several of the more common methods of use have been documented in detailed articles. These articles have been converted to PDF format and are listed below for your review.

Note: if you have difficulties opening a PDF file, please right click over the link, “save target as” to a location in your PC, then open the file from there. Thank you!

Spiral Contractometer pdf

This specially designer ADT – with lower starting torque – minimizes friction and backlash.
Series 600

Keeping the Shuttle Level pdf

NASA has a lot riding on our ADTs…
Series 605

Road Profile Machine pdf

Large asphalt level tester uses ADT to retrieve data on smoothness of new road construction.
Series 600

Butterfly Valve Control pdf

Large gate valves used to control waste gas from a power generation plant rely on the excellent repeatability offered by our ADT technology.
Series 600

Flight Simulator pdf

ADTs are used on a flight simulator for exceptional level control.
Series 605

Orthodontic Fixtures pdf

ADTs are often used in R&D laboratories; in this case, they  precisely monitor the turns of a corrective screw on orthodontic braces.
Series 600

Throttle Control pdf

Automotive applications such as throttle control take advantage of the ADT’s high accuracy and robust construction.
Series 605