Introducing Series 500:

The Series 0500 DC-DC LVDTs are designed with an internal 3kHz oscillator and a demodulated output (available in 0-5VDC or 0-10VDC). The transducer has reverse polarity protection, shares a common ground and can be operated with a 13.5-20VDC input voltage.

Our Newest Product Pairing:

The model 0607-0001 Optical Encoder and the Model 1005-0000 Counter Display system provides precision feedback and readout of shaft angular displacement over the full 360° revolution.

Latest Applications

Transducer applications are wide ranging. Our LDVTs, ADTs (Angular) and LVTs (linear) are seemingly everywhere... most recently our products were integrated into the machines that manufacture the glass for your smartphone and tablet.

Made in the USA

Trans-Tek products are made in the USA with pride, using only the best materials and are crafted with the best expertise in the market.

Custom Design

Trans-Tek has a whole line of products that may fit your needs, but if not we can custom make a product to fit your requirements. Contact us today to learn more.

Same Day Shipping

We have the ability to package up your new or replacement products same day. If you are in a crunch and need to get your products as soon as possible we are here to help!

RoHS Compliance

Compliance to standards such as these ensure that our products maintain a level of safety that our clients and the environment deserve.

Welcome to Trans-Tek, Inc.

For nearly half a century, Trans-Tek, Inc. has been providing the very best Linear and Angular Displacement and Linear Velocity Transducers in the business. Our main focus is Linear Sensors, which are based on LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) technology.

When it comes to solving your measurement problems, our engineers, with their extensive experience, will find the right position or velocity sensor to meet your most demanding requirements. Our complete production facility is geared to meet your delivery needs – whether it’s for a standard or custom sensor solution. Our LVDT Research & Development (R&D) program is continuously expanding our product line to address countless industrial applications.

Trans-Tek employees – and our worldwide network of technical representatives – are committed to earning your trust and ensuring your total satisfaction. Our enduring goal is to provide competitive transducer products that represent quality and reliability – and that measure up to your toughest sensing applications and delivery requirements.

We have received two key industry certifications: the ISO 9000 certification for quality management and the AS9100 quality certification for the aerospace industry. READ MORE