What is An LVDT?

LVDT stands for Linear Variable Differential Transformer.  An LVDT is also referred to as a linear displacement transducer, or linear position transducer.  This sensor device measures linear displacement (or linear position) very accurately.  The basic technology behind an LVDT is described below.

Technology: the typical LVDT sensor consists of a primary coil and two secondary coils wound on a coil form.  A ferromagnetic core links the electromagnetic field of the primary coil to the secondary coils.  Differencing the output of these coils will result in a voltage proportional to the relative movement of the core versus the coils.

Fact What this means to you
No contact between sensing elements Infinite Life
Extremely rugged transducer Can operate in harsh environments
Infinite resolution Very small increments of movement are measured
Absolute measurement No loss of position upon power down
Analog input and output Signal conditioning compatible with most systems
Excellent repeatability Can perform very precise go/no-go applications

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