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Below are technical topics commonly discussed with our LVT customers. They have been formatted in PDF for your convenience.

Note: if you have difficulties opening a PDF file, please right click over the link, “save target as” to a location in your PC, then open the file from there. Thank you!

Calibration Report Analysis pdf

All of our velocity transducers are inspected for conformance to published specifications. The output is logged on a strip chart recorder where the results are analyzed. The details of this analysis are broken down in this TekNote.

Core Extension Rods pdf

The Series 100 LVTs come with a magnet and a coil. The magnet is tapped at each end for connection to a suitable extension rod. To attach the magnet to a moving object, an extension rod made of a non-magnetic, poor electrically conducting material must be used. A table of Extension Rods made by Trans-Tek is shown in the Series 100 spec sheets. This TekNote explains the best way to make you own.

Frequency Response Calculations pdf

The frequency response of a velocity transducer is directly related to the load impedance of the electronics used to measure the output voltage. Nominal values are published in the catalog bulletin, but outside the nominal range, formulas can be used to calculate response times.