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LVTs (Series 100) are used in a wide variety of applications. The more common methods of use have been documented in detailed articles. These articles have been converted to PDF format and are listed below for your review.

Note: if you have difficulties opening a PDF file, please right click over the link, “save target as” to a location in your PC, then open the file from there. Thank you!

Shock Absorber Testing Machine pdf

Velocity readings (in VDC) from our LVTs help to rate damper performance, which leads to a better shock absorber design.

Injection Molding Machine pdf

This machine builder uses our LVTs to monitor the injection – or feed – rate of molten plastic flow.

Glass Pipette Pulling pdf

Molten glass is pulled to form pipettes used in most laboratories.  To properly shape the glass, LVTs are used to control the pull rate.

PC Board Drilling pdf

Precise velocity measurements are necessary in PC Board drilling applications to assure that the drill bit is being used to its maximum potential, with optimized throughput.