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Gaging (spring-loaded) LVDTs are used in a wide variety of applications. Several of the more common methods of use have been documented in detailed articles. These articles have been converted to PDF format and are listed below for your review.

Note: if you have difficulties opening a PDF file, please right click over the link, “save target as” to a location in your PC, then open the file from there. Thank you!

Keeping Mt. Rushmore Stable pdf

A modified version of a DC Gaging unit withstands harsh conditions while monitoring this rock mass.
Series 350

Dental Experiment pdf

Multiple small package DC Gagings fit around tooth for testing under applied forces.
Series 350

Fuel Tank Expansion Testing pdf

Long-stroke transducers assist auto manufacturer in testing stress points on fuel tanks.
Series 310-320

Automation Assembly Equipment pdf

These assembly systems increase production efficiencies and use our LVDTs for automated part inspection.
Series 330

Precision Gear Tester pdf

Master gear checkers require super precision, as provided by our Gagings, to determine gear tooth dimensions.
Series 350

Synthetic Diamond Press pdf

To manufacture synthetic diamonds, carbon material must be placed under extreme amounts of pressure and temperature; a press is used to create the ideal conditions and our DC Gagings monitor clamp height of the press.
Series 350

Cylinder Head Testing pdf

A group of Gagings are used to test the height of cylinder heads in an engine block.
Series 330