Model 1003

Transducer Indicator

The Model 1003 Transducer Indicator provides complete electronic support to AC and DC LVDT’s, or other DC powered transducers. The AC version provides an appropriate excitation voltage (at 3 or 7KHz) for the LVDT and also demodulates the output, providing not only a digital readout, but a continuous analog output. This eliminates the need for a separate oscillator/demodulator. The DC version contains a dual power supply for transducers requiring both positive and negative excitation. Ideal for use in the lab or in a high speed closed loop system, this versatile indicator comes standard with a 5 digit LED readout to provide maximum resolution.

Download the Instruction Manual

Key Features

  • Panel Mount Indicator
  • 4 Independent Setpoints
  • Supports AC and DC Transducers
  • Splashproof Front Panel


Calibrating the unit is accomplished via membrane switches on the front panel, eliminating the need for internal trim pot adjustment. The user can calibrate the unit by simply entering the full scale endpoints, the zero position, and decimal point location. This allows a readout in inches, degrees, or other engineering units corresponding to the application. During the calibration, there are 6 user defined setpoints: two high, two low, and the high and low hysteresis points for the system. When the specified tolerances are exceeded, indicator lights are illuminated, providing a visual signal to the user. Optional relays, which correspond to the distinct set points, will add another level of automation to the user’s process. A tare function, which allows the meter to be zeroed anywhere along the transducer’s travel, is standard. This feature can be used to measure the deviation from a standard within the working range of the sensor.

The Model 1003 features a continuous analog output for use as an input to a control process or A/D converter. Optional RS232C Serial output is offered for direct connection to PC based data acquisition systems, eliminating the need for external signal conditioning. All connectors necessary for indicator operation are provided, as well as a complete instruction manual.


Case Size (H x W x L) 1.72 (44) x 3.56 (90) x 5.0 (127) Operating +31°F to +131°F (0°C to +55°C)
Front Panel (H x W x L) 1.91 (49) x 3.80 (97) x 0.1 (3) Storage -40°F to +185°F (-40°C to +85°C)
Cut Out (H x W) 1.77 (45) x 3.62 (92) Coefficient of Sensitivity ±0.006%/°F Typ.
Max. Panel Thickness 0.25 (6.35) Coefficient of Zero ±2 LSD Max.
Supply Voltage 115 VRMS ±10%; 50/60 Hz (220 VRMS Optional) Readout (Red LED) 5 Digit; 0.4” high
Resolution 1 part in 20,000
Current  0.05A Accuracy ±0.01% Reading ±1 LSD
Update Once every 500 msec


SUPPLY VOLTAGE TO TRANSDUCER 1.7 VRMS ±4% into 100 Ohm Min. ±15 VDC ±5%; up to 30 mA
ANALOG OUTPUT VOLTAGE* Adjustable to ±5.0 VDC with LVDT FS Output of .74 VRMS to .92 VRMS Adjustable to ±5.0 VDC with LVDT FS Output of 2.9 VDC to 13.2 VDC
FREQUENCY RESPONSE (nominal)  300 Hz  375 Hz
 STABILITY  ±0.002%

NOTES: *Impedance < 2Ω; can operate into 1000Ω MIN. without distortion. Short circuit protected.


Mode Half Duplex Transmit Only With RS232C 4 – N.O./ COM.
Baund Rate 1200 (Factory Set)
(600 to 19,200 available)
Without RS232C 4 – N.O./ COM./ N.C.
Rating 250 VRMS @ 4 A Max. 30 VDC @ 3 A Max.
Handshake DSR – Data Set Ready
DTR – Data Terminal Ready
DTX – Transmit Data Signal
Response Time “on” approx. 8 msec.
“off” approx. 5 msec.
Set Points 2 High; 2 Low
Hysteresis Points 1 High; 1 Low